Our Staff

Lynette Hofer


Open Space is a locally owned and operated business in Sioux Falls, SD. Established in 2018, owner/operator, Lynette Hofer, has been a small business owner in Sioux Falls for 20 years. Being involved in the entrepreneur community, Lynette saw a need for an “in-between size venue”. A space with options for entrepreneurs, event planners, and families. Lynette wants to offer everyone the opportunity to connect with others, take their business to the next level, and celebrate important moments in life.

Charlene Rose

Project Manager

Charlene Rose is the project manager for Open Space and oversees operations throughout the venue. She is also a small business owner as a photographer in Sioux Falls, SD. As a child I always wanted to be able to draw, however, the picture in my head never matched up to what ended up on the paper. Soon after being done dealing with my frustrations, my mother gave me my first camera – and so my love for photography was born.  I love looking back at all the old pictures and seeing how far I have come. I am grateful my mother and great grandmother were generous when it came to getting tall that film developed! Well if you combine that with the 10 books I have started writing and an unknown number of books I have read, it leads me to want to tell your story.

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